Individual Needs Pathways Portal

Welcome to the Individual Needs Pathways Portal. Here you will be able to search options for your child’s next steps after high school. This search will be based on criteria that you have as a family. You might want to search options in a particular country. Within that country you may only be interested in certain regions, or options that have accommodation for instance. You might be interested in places where your child can study and work in the form of an apprenticeship or gain life skills to become more independent. You may want them to be able to study on a specialist pathway at a university.

Please choose from the search boxes to define your search. Once your results are delivered to you, you will be able to click in for a little more information, but more importantly be able to go directly to their websites to find out the detail you really need. Your Careers and Higher Education Office and Individual Needs office at your child’s school will be able to provide anything these institutions need in order to support an application.